Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm Back

but I didn't want to go back here. It was a very short two weeks. It was sweet, having spent all of those days with Arvin. I have to blink back tears just thinking about him. I miss him already.

Anyway, if things go well, i might just be joining him there sooner than expected. :-) But enough of the mush, here are some pictures from the trip!

My first time to see Arvin in 3 months!

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Klur & Arv with 3/4 of the Washington Monument (Photo courtesy of my mom)
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Klur's first time to see the masters! MFA, Boston Posted by Picasa

Me, my good friend Monjay, and his lovely wife, Sahri at their Chicago home

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Arv, (a very short) Klur, JFK's sailboat, & a lot of floor (Photo again, courtesy of my mom)
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My last few minutes at the Logan Airport, Boston Posted by Picasa

A lot more pics in my multiply account!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Who cares if I look really harassed here (i look old for once! and with a badly tucked blouse at that. hehe)? That's Aga Muhlach beside me! Thanks Solmux! :-D

Klur & Aga! :-D Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I miss you guys! It's been too long since we last saw each other. Let's meet up soon!

Clockwise from Top Left: Beadies in Highlands; Beadies in Neckties (with Goya!); Cat, Nina, Klur (Pam, Sasa, where'd you go??); Beadies at the Li Seng Giap Audi (was this at strat man class? haha) Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sometimes Always

I don't think i've ever felt this tired since 2005 started. My 3-day bout with a gastrointestinal infection was a definite schedule wrecker. Friday & Saturday were spent answering emails & doing damage control, although very, very minimal thanks to wonderful admin support (Thanks Ricky Boy!).
The thought of delays forced me to go on fast-forward mode! But as with any high, the after effects were terrible. 2 straight days of work-induced high took a toll on my energy level. I feel mentally & physically fatigued. I slept almost all day today! Hopefully this week will be "normal" in every sense of the word.

PMA-Annual Conference
Met some UA&P people last Thursday at the National Mktg. Conference. It was funny how we all gravitated towards each other even if we didn't know each one was from UA&P (except for Frances who was my 1st year blockmate, and Marilyn who looked familiar, because as we found out, we were in the same strat man class. hehe. ). We all sat in the same row!

I'm only happy when it
RAINS! I'm so glad it's beginning to rain again! Yahoo! (More benta for me! Jk!)

Can't wait to leave for Boston. 2 more weeks!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jojo & Christine's Wedding!

2 of my good friends got married last Saturday. Congratulations, Jojo & Chris!

ULCH at St. James. Posted by Hello

PICTURES FROM THE RECEPTION! Clockwise from Top Left: Erika & Ida; (half of) Chewie & Marti with the half-masticated lechon skin; Dennis, Tin, Ella the gold Turon (hehe), Laiza, Poch, Kristine, & Klur; Klur & Marti Posted by Hello

Manila Penn's humongous ice cream dessert as served, & 30 minutes after. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Meet Jarron!

My adorable 2 year old nephew raiding my room (as usual)! If you look closely, you might see a picture of a 9 year old me receiving something from Mr. Cadlum. :-D Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005


...on Another Lucky Star

Your friends may lie
The truth can come from strangers
If I knew why,
We wouldn't be in this danger
Leaning out the window of my car
And wishing on another lucky star.

Life is long
It is not made to measure
You will go on
The same in pain and pleasure
Wondering how we ever got this far...
By wishing on another lucky star.

Life goes on
As sure as the sky
It's come and gone
In the wink of an eye
You leave your home
On the wings of a lie:
You will never die.

The world is cold
The heart gets torn and tattered
The one you hold
It can be dropped and shattered
Leaning out the window of my car
And wishing on another lucky star.

Remembering through tears, not just of sadness but also of fear…

It’s heartbreaking how a dream or a fragment of a memory can so silently open the floodgates of sadness. In the midst of this unbearably humid day, the skies are suddenly enveloped in gray, dreary haze. Heaven’s consoling hand, maybe?

Sleep. I need to sleep.

Anyway, I’ve been playing this song over and over all day. It’s from an old movie called Permanent Record. You can hear the song here.